We have challenged 15 regional schools to #FindTheKindChallenge!


  • Do a random act of kindness for someone. (For kindness ideas, visit our Kindness Ideas Page.)


  • Film a video of yourself. (See “Video Guide” below)


  • Make it fun! Wear a pair of glasses. Whether it is reading glasses, sunglasses, or bobble eyed glasses! You get to pick - make it fun!


  • Post your video to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag the staff and students from the school you are challenging!


  • Always remember; use our hashtag #findthekindchallenge for each post and tag our social media accounts!


  • Donate to the National Civility Association for Civility Summits at high schools nationwide at


Video Guide:


Step 1: Catch glasses and put them on. (Glasses should be fun and creative!)

  • Use filters for glasses.

  • Make your own glasses.

  • Use glasses in general.


Step 2: Say your name and where you’re from and who challenged you.

Say what your act of kindness was, and how it made you feel after.


Step 3Challenge the staff and students from another school, and say:

“I’m passing the glasses onto (challenged persons) to Find The Kind, and you have 24 hours to complete the challenge!”


Step 4: “Don’t forget to visit and make a donation to the National Civility Association.”


Step 5: Throw glasses off video screen to make it look like they are being tossed to someone else.

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