Kindness Ideas

Do you want to participate in the challenge, but you're stuck on the question:

"Wait, what can I do?"

To answer your question, we created a simple kindness list to get your kind act idea-juices flowing!



  • Bring coffee and donuts to work.

  • Donate old toys and clothes.

  • Donate to an organization.

  • Make cards for those in the military.

  • Make cards for patients in the hospital.

  • Visit a nursing home.

  • Pay-It-Forward to the next person in line.


  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

  • Help someone with their yard work.

  • Shovel your neighbor's snow.

  • Help someone carry their groceries.

  • Help your friend with homework.

  • Offer someone a ride home.

  • Play with animals at an animal shelter.

  • Offer to take a co-worker's shift.

  • Read to the elderly at a nursing home. 


  • Brush the snow off of someone’s car.

  • Thank your teachers.

  • Pick up litter that’s not yours.

  • Walk someone to their car.

  • Pick up something someone dropped and return it to them.

  • Compliment someone.

  • Let someone behind you in line go first.

  • Help someone struggling to reach something on a high shelf.


2 minutes or less

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