Want to get your business involved in the


Here's a quick how-to!



  • Do a random act of kindness for someone. (For kindness ideas, visit our Kindness Ideas Page.)


  • Film a video of your team. (See “Video Guide” below)


  • Make it fun! Wear a pair of glasses. Whether it is reading glasses, sunglasses, or bobble eyed glasses! You get to pick - make it fun!


  • Post your video to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag the 3 businesses you are challenging!


  • Always remember; use our hashtag #findthekindchallenge for each post and tag our social media accounts!


  • Donate to the National Civility Association for Civility Summits at high schools nationwide at


Video Guide:


Step 1: Catch glasses and put them on. (Glasses should be fun and creative!)

  • Use filters for glasses.

  • Make your own glasses.

  • Use glasses in general.


Step 2: Say your business name, where you’re from, and who challenged you.

Say what your act of kindness was, and how it made you feel after.


Step 3Challenge 3 other businesses, in different towns, and say:

“I’m passing the glasses onto (challenged businesses) to Find The Kind, and you have 24 hours to complete the challenge!”


Step 4: “Don’t forget to visit and make a donation to the National Civility Association.”


Step 5: Throw glasses off video screen to make it look like they are being tossed to someone else.

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